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Our VR solution allows you to get immediate intervention so that you can practice your communication skills for however long you want without the need of a therapist next to you.

adult using VR

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What is Pragmatica:

  • Fun, engaging, and interactive tool that allows users to target speech and language therapy goals in a functional, meaningful way
  • Product designed for both children and adults with various communication challenges.

Why use Pragmatica:

  • Allows users to practice their communication skills from the comfort of their own home
  • Users and their parents/partners can track their progress and see their skills grow over time.
child using VR

Explore our Virtual Reality Activities

Order A Burger

Practice social scripts needed for typical daily interactions like ordering food at a restaurant.

Quiet Library

Learn how to deal with challenging conflicts through self-advocacy and communication.

Understanding Intentions

Comprehend communication concepts like sarcasm and tone of voice.