Meet the Pragmatica Team

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Karthik Prasad

Basc. Management Engineering at the University of Waterloo

Thomas Mastantuono picture
Thomas Mastantuono

Basc. Management Engineering at the University of Waterloo

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Shawna Fleming
Clinical Advisor

Evergreen Communication Therapy & Elemenoe

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Brittany Clark
Clinical Advisor

Evergreen Communication Therapy & Elemenoe

Why we're the right people for the job

We are a team of passionate individuals with the mission of making language therapy more accessible.

Karthik and Thomas are graduates of the Management Engineering program at the University of Waterloo. They have worked together for years and have the technical experience in software development and user experience to build a great product in a Virtual Reality medium that is both helpful while being safe to use.

Shawna and Brittany are professional clinicians who have over a decade of experience working with clients through their lifespan to improve their communication skills. They run an interprofessional practice together and are truly passionate about improving the lives of those with communication challenges and disorders. They understand the needs of the product's users, and help to create all of the therapeutic activities to ensure that the content is meaningful and functional.

We work with children dealing with communication disorders like Autism and Aphasia to help them practice their communication skills through Pragmatica.

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